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Why Seattle Green Care?

Seattle Green Care is unlike any dispensary or other delivery service you’ve ever dealt with. We believe in providing patients with only the highest quality medical marijuana products and to ensure that we meet that goal, our products don’t come from third party growers. Whether its flowers or medibles, when you order from Seattle Green Care you’ll be receiving products produced by Seattle Green Care’s own collectives, always organic, healthy and chemical free. Grown indoors in soil without the use of any kind of chemical fertilizers, nutrients or pesticides, Seattle Green Care products come directly from seedstock obtained from the most reputable Amsterdam seed banks. When you order from Seattle Green Care, you can rely on consistently high quality, genetically identical product that is reliable, consistent and organic.
If you prefer not to smoke, Seattle Green Care’s medibles are produced by our own trained pastry chefs and are fresh, organic and delicious. For those with dietary restrictions or who just prefer a more healthy lifestyle, Aunt Beth’s Medibles come in Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free offerings. Always organic, always fresh and always delicious. Aunt Beth’s Medibles are only available from Seattle Green Care.

Why Delivery?

At Seattle Green Care we’re all about your convenience. No more having to drive to a dispensary, park, check in with the receptionist, wait in the lobby until there’s room for you in the budroom and then checking out. We’ll deliver your product directly to you at a time that’s convenient for you. You can handle the registration details from your own computer whenever its best for you – online, by email or fax. And when you’re ready to order, you can view our current menu selections any time you want, click on what you’d like to order, submit your order by email or fax, or just dial us up and give us your order over the phone. No matter how you choose to order, you can do it whenever you’re ready and from the comfort and convenience of your own home, school or work. And you’ll know when you’re order will arrive, brought directly to you by Seattle Green Care’s courteous and professional delivery couriers. Convenience, comfort, reliability and consistently high quality products. That’s what Seattle Green Care is about.

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